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Criminal Element
Criminal Element, Scene Two (of Five) From a nonopera in five scenes with text and music by David Smooke. Puppetry and scenic design by Valeska Populoh. Video by Margaret Rorison. Staging by Smooke and Populoh. Performed by Rhymes With Opera: Elisabeth Halliday and Bonnie Lander, sopranos; Robert Maril, baritone; Sonar New Music Ensemble string quartet; George Lam conductor and music director, at Area 405, Baltimore, MD, 2013.

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21 Miles to Coolville
Video and Music by David Smooke. Performed by Dark in the Song (Michael Harley, solo bassoon; with Saxton Rose, Peter Kolkay and Lynn Hileman, bassoons) at the White Mule in Columbia, SC. 2010

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Some Details of Hell
Semi-staged performance following the composer's directions by the SKIN Ensemble at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, February 6, 2010. Lorena Guillén, soprano; Carla Copeland-Burns, alto flute; Jonathan Salter, clarinet; Grace Anderson, cello; and James Douglass, piano.

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Toy with Me
Pestova-Meyer duo performing, Xenia Pestova and Pascal Meyer, toy pianos at the Karnatic Lab, Amsterdam, Netherlands, October 12, 2010.

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h.àt. (homage à dr. teriwilliker)
Performed at Mercyhurst College under the direction of Shirley Yoo and the composer, Erie, PA, April 27, 2010, by (in order): Rachel Reszler, Mitchell Alpaugh, Shana Plunkett, Kelton Macke, Shirley Yoo.

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Four Score
Video poem by Nick Carbo with etched 16mm film and flag. Music is Castles in the Sky, performed by David Smooke, toy piano with Sharon Chung and Rachel Goff violas, Chicago, IL, February 2007.

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Victoria Bass, voice and cello, performed live at LSU, February 2008. Video art by Carmen Kordas.

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All recordings here are excerpts only; complete recordings are available in the store

Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death, Vol. II: Peabody Wind Ensemble: Harlan Parker conductor; David Smooke, toy piano, 2014

*A*R**T ACT: Volti Ensemble, 2014

A Baby Bigger Grows Than Up Was, Vol. I: A to Breathing: loadbang ensemble, 2013

Transgenic Fields, dusk: Karl Larson, piano, 2012

Some Details of Hell: Lunar Ensemble: Gemma New, conductor; Lisa Perry, soprano, 2006

down.stream: David Smooke, toy piano and looping pedal, 2014

Dance Music: Courtney Orlando, violin and Ben Beirs, guitar, 2000

21 Miles to Coolville: Michael Parker Harley, bassoons, 2009

Criminal Element: Rhymes with Opera: Elisabeth Halliday and Bonnie Lander, sopranos; Robert Maril, baritone; Sonar Ensemble String Quartet; George Lam, conductor, 2011

Empty Every Night: Pictures on Silence: Noah Getz, alto saxophone and Jacqueline Pollauf, harp, 2009

Topographies 2: (maps and) distortions: Atlantic Guitar Quartet, 2012

Requests: Amy Briggs, piano, 2003

Introspection #11,072: Jeffrey Weisner, doublebass, 2008

Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death, Vol. I: Great Noise Ensemble: David Vickerman, conductor; David Smooke, toy piano, 2012

Topographies 1: transit/dis(solve): Michael Parker Harley, bassoon and Shirley Yoo, piano, 2012

Toy with Me: Pestova-Meyer Duo: Xenia Pestova and Pascal Meyer, toy pianos, 2009

Hurricane Charm: Shirley Yoo and Stephen Buck, pianos; Victor Cassese and Terry Sweeney, percussion, 2009

Trompe l’oeil: Quintet Attacca, 2008

blades: Victoria Bass, voice and cello, 2007

Hazmats Sextet: Verge Ensemble, 2005

Stillness and Occurrence: Members of the Fifth House Ensemble and Merit School of Music Faculty, Amy Briggs, conductor, 2005

Castles in the Sky: Sharon Chung and Rachel Goff, violas; David Smooke, toy piano, 2004

Anna Liffey: Julia Bentley, mezzo soprano and Amy Briggs, piano, 1999

L’EDGE: Pacifica String Quartet, 1999



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