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(female voice & cello; video projection), 8 min., 2007. Commissioned by cellist/singer Victoria Bass as a solo piece, may be performed as a solo or duo; may be paired with video by Carmen Kordas. Premiered by Jody Redhage, New York, NY.

Victoria Bass, voice and cello, 2007

blades is based on the song of the American Goldfinch. At the beginning stages of the composing process, I slowed down recordings of these songs in order to be able to hear the constituent elements. The bird song then served as the foundation for the musical material of this composition. The vocal part is completely sound based with no connotative meaning and is therefore written in International Phonetic Alphabet.

This piece was commissioned by and is dedicated with great admiration to Victoria Bass, who performs both parts simultaneously. It may be performed by two separate players. The accompanying video was graciously created by Carmen Kordas.

Performed live at LSU by singer/cellist Victoria Bass, with video by Carmen Kordas.

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