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Dance Music

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(for flute/violin or soprano saxophone and guitar), 4 min., 2000. Premiered by Fusion Dance Ensemble: Betsy Ko, flute and Mark Volker, guitar, Chicago, IL.

Courtney Orlando, violin and Ben Beirs, guitar, 2000

This piece was written as a collaboration with Doug Wood, a cellular biologist and director of the FUSION Dance Ensemble at the University of Chicago. In the dance, premiered on April 8, 2000, this section symbolized the construction of walls.

The music, originally scored for amplified flute and electric guitar (later arranged for soprano saxophone/guitar and violin/guitar), is highly energetic and rhythmically driven. The harmony of this piece operates under many of the same constraints as popular “rock” music, with chord types functioning as sonic entities rather than as pitch-based progressions. The rhythm also is reminiscent of “rock” music, but with inherent asymmetry.

Dance Music
Duo Vita (Lynn Kuo/Violin+John Oliver/Guitar)

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